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"The R2DA™ AI Zombie Test is a multistage aerobic capacity and a zombie survival test that progressively gets more difficult as the round lasts. The 20 AI zombie test will begin in 30 seconds. Press ready and prepare to run and survive. The spawning amount starts small, but gets larger with each minute after you're alive. Remember to run and gun in a straight line, and survive as long as possible."


AI Infecteds are NPC entities that behave similarly to Normal Zombies, Edgars, Tickers or Brutes. They take the appearance of your friends in ROBLOX, including terminated ones.

They can be found in the following maps and gamemodes:

Background Story

After many months of the survivors experiencing zombie attacks and their eventual decision to begin researching them, they found that there were actually two distinct types of normal infected.

One, a seemingly quite intelligent undead beast, where different specimens evolved differently than the rest over time and were able to get through difficult areas and obstacles to reach their target. These used to be far more common, but it seems that over time the SANI pathogen may have evolved or mutated to have two different forms!

The second was nicknamed the "AI Zombie" by researchers due to how robotic its movements were. Every single specimen was found to adapt in the same way, jumped with the same intervals in between jumps, and ran into doors and walls no matter how obvious a path was to their target. These became much more common over the many months of the apocalypse. One thing to note, however, is that these often are able to sprint at full speed for a much longer duration than the aforementioned, more intelligent version of normal infected. A popular scientific theory is that the body is redirecting brainpower towards locomotion instead of balancing the undead's energy between problem-solving and movement. Other studies have also shown that zombies can switch between these modes quite fast.

One thing that stays in common, however, is that they aren't so dangerous alone, but in numbers, they are a horrific force to be reckoned with.


  • Be aware, AI Zombies that sprint will be sprinting forever and will never run out of stamina.
  • These are very deadly in Rapid Infection without the right strategy against them.
  • They can be stopped dead in their tracks with an Ice Staff or Ice Gun. However, some will continue to attack you when frozen.
  • These come in hoardes most of the time, make sure to have good weapons to clear the hoard.
    • For massive hordes of AI Zombies, use any weapon with hordes in mind, such as the Baseball Bat and Chainsaw.
      • Use weapons with Hard Impact such as the HK416. The Flamethrower or explosive weapons such as the Chinalake is also a good choice.
  • These do not count towards the Arena kill count, neither do you need to kill them to progress.
  • It is easy to trick AI Zombies into walking off the edge in some of the maps, such as Foxriver Prison. Use this if you can't deal with the horde of zombies and you're near the edge of the map.
  • A good way to keep AI Zombies at bay is to use the Leadpipe or Flash. It will confuse them for quite a while.
  • Beware that the AI Edgars are extremely precise with their tongue, especially if you are camping mindlessly.
  • While, the AI Brute has a six second cooldown upon throwing his club, it is still quite dangerous. Kill it as soon as possible.
    • There are also no limits to the AI Brutes. It is not uncommon to have 2 or more AI Brutes chasing you down.
    • Even after throwing their club, AI Brutes can still do the "Smash" attack.
      • This is likely a bug.
    • You cannot charge an AI Brute with the Electric Elemental.
  • The AI Ticker only needs to rush for 1 second before explosion. Remember to get out of the way.


  • Campfire Chaos II and Portland used to have AI Infecteds spawn, when they had Vs. Environment.
  • Only admins (like PlaceRebuilder) can use the "hoard" command, which spawns a bunch of AI Normals.
  • Unlike other NPCs, these give Party rewards.
  • If an AI Normal is currently taking damage from fire, its face will change, just like Normal Zombies.
  • They used to take the appearance of your friends and yourself in ROBLOX, but this feature was broken in v1.2.3
    • This was fixed in v1.2.9.
  • AI Normal Infecteds use the original animation for zombie sprinting, even though the animation for Normal Zombie sprinting changed in v1.3.7b.
  • AI Edgars use your or your friend's shirt and pants, even though the shirt and pants for the regular Edgar were removed in v1.2.7.
  • AI Edgars are able to bypass Melee Immunity, meaning you will still get hurt trying to Punch or Kick them. 
  • Getting killed by an AI Brute will display the old Brute's face for the kill icon.
  • These are the only mobs that can be fought in any map that has Environment available.