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1930's Kingstreet

"Old buildings, old streets, old place in general... and zombies... Oh yeah!"


A large map. Snipers will have good sight-lines plus, it's easy to run and gun. Additionally, most objectives are pretty easy to complete. There are various good spots to group up at and Ammo Stations are plentiful. The large map size may leave you stranded though, with the nearest survivor very far away.

Background Story

This location, in general, is quite isolated and underdeveloped. As such, funding for any common amenities never got fulfilled. With the lack of proper authority and policing, crime quickly took over these streets. All work here was voluntary, and all people who were interested in making this place shine slowly faded away.

The prominent gangs in this urban area left Kingstreet in a ruined state even before the apocalypse began.


The map consists of a bridge, multiple large buildings, a destroyed subway, tenements and other notable structures.

On one side of the bridge stands a garage of sorts, and is set as the survivor spawn. On Campaign, the Victory Truck spawns with you as well. Traversing the bridge itself takes some time and encompasses a good third of the map. Although the bridge is difficult to climb onto, there is some scaffolding that makes a good sniper's perch. The subway runs below the map and under the bridge. You can see the Trolley, regarded for its appearance in Mogadishu Transit, partly derailed on the tracks under the bridge.

Various buildings can be entered, but all are basically devoid of any decoration.


  • The top of the bridge holds a structure, which is suitable for players using snipers or other long ranged weapons. Quite useful in Free For All.
  • Going out of bounds is BANNABLE as it counts for glitching and exploiting map flaws.
  • The tan-coloured ammo box will not give ammo. It doesn't work at all, so don't try.
    • This is the old version of an Ammo Station which was left over from DEMO.
  • As a survivor, you can actually get to the top of the yellow triangular building by going up the structure beside it than climbing up on the pallets on the top floor.
    • Zombies have the easy way up via the Upgrade Climb ability, as there is a green truss on the shortest side of the building.
    • The Karambit works as well, although you'll have to avoid hitting the roof.
    • The Boosterpad is also helpful, besides the fact zombies can also use it.
    • The Duck Mount is quite useful, with the added bonus that it lets you make a quick escape without taking fall damage.
  • There are many camping spots on this map. Using the Hammer is recommended if you want to try this strategy.
    • If camping isn't your thing, constant movement around the map is also a good way to survive. The M939 and Van is advisable to buy while the Tactical II and Scout are useful in supplying extra stamina.
    • For constant reusable mobility, the Rocket Sleigh is also quite useful. Just be careful when dismounting since it will trip you.
  • As of v1.0.0a, Diggers can now use their Dig ability on this map.
    • They can't dig on the bridge or in the subway tunnels, only on the roads.
  • Watch out for Stalkers as they will try to drop you into one of the cracks to make you fall into the water.
    • The only damage that will incur is the fall damage for such a height. You will not die unless you have low health.
  • If you need a quick escape route to avoid a horde, you can climb up into the mountains to avoid enemies. 
    • This tatic was usable before v1.4.6, now, the mountains will stun any player who touches them.


  • This was the second map in the game after Panama Beach.
  • 1930's Kingstreet holds the record for hosting the most Gamemodes, but only if you include removed ones.
    • During Debug1930's Kingstreet initially had Arena as an option, but it was removed because zombies could easily make the survivors run out of time during the last phase of a wave.
  • This is one of the more noticeable maps to improve when you raise your graphics. Instead of grey buildings, they now become textured with a brown brick-like look.
  • Originally, the water seen below the map would not kill you.
  • This map has had the most makeovers since its inception with 5 makeovers for 8 events.
    • In Christmas 2017, the map didn't contain any Christmas decorations (unlike 2016), just plain snow.
      • The snow theme remained until the Summer Event 2018 where it underwent another makeover.
        • However, bits of snow from its previous makeover still appear.
      • The summer version was used between Christmas Events, 2018-2019, as opposed to the original inception.
      • The snow version was used after the Christmas Event 2019 and up until the Summer Event 2020.
      • The summer version was used until Halloween Event 2020 which got replaced with the halloween version.
      • The halloween version lasted until Christmas Event 2020 which also got replaced with a new version of the christmas theme.
  • During the DEMO period, this map was referred as "Kingstreet".
    • Before the map was even publicly available, it was called "Gangsta Town".
      • PlaceRebuilder commented that this map was inspired by gang activity that was prevalent in the 1930s.
    • During Christmas Event 2020 the map was renamed to "1930's Happystreet"
  • This map supposedly takes place before S.S. Boliviar due to the Victory Truck being placed untouched on that map.
  • 1930's Kingstreet was the first, and only, map to have more than one Helicopter landing location.